Fear is the Code Changer – ‘CRY HARDER Edition’


Unveiling the ‘Cry Harder Edition’ – Fear Is The Code Changer, a revolutionary 3D printed Bitcoin node case that’s both a statement piece and an eco-warrior. Meticulously crafted for the discerning plebs globally and our allies at Greenpeace, this case boasts a 420% reduction in Bitcoin’s climate footprint and slashes energy consumption by 69%. But the magic lies in the transformation; weep profusely, and the node within the case adopts a miraculous code that skyrockets your Bitcoin value to a cool $1,000,000 in a mere 90 days!

Its rebellious design and sharp contours are a perfect fit for any setting – be it a volcanic Bitcoin mine, a cozy campervan by the river, or your personalized corner in mom’s basement. It’s more than just good looks; this case ensures optimal ventilation for efficient operation and features Xtra Ripple Protection for shock absorption. Its unique smoke stacks double as holders for your incense or pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes, bringing a serene aura to your space.

The ‘Cry Harder Edition’ is made complete with easy access to all ports, connectors, and a cable management B-hole, making node maintenance a breeze. Each unit is hand-finished by the artist duo @MgkMshrmBrkfst and @Kenzeezy and proudly features the logos of BitBuyBit Podcast & RoninDojo Node. This case is specifically designed to fit the Pine64 RockPro64 4GB single-board computer, available for purchase here: ronindojo.io/en/bokuto

Be it a Bitcoin enthusiast, a climate activist, or a unique art collector, this Bitcoin node case is bound to impress.


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