Fear is the Mine Killer


Unleash your power with the ‘FEAR IS THE MINE KILLER’ Bitcoin node case, engineered by trailblazers SirJamzAlot and Kenzeezy, born from the revolutionary #PlebMinerMonth contest by BitBuyBit Podcast & RoninDojo Node. This audacious design stands tall, with a computer fan taking the mantle of the Pleb Miner logo. The computer unites with the Ronin side, a testament to the fortitude of Bitcoin enthusiasts.

The case sports a ramp for balanced support, accommodating both the case and cables, along with dual interior shelves for safekeeping of tiny treasures or hardware wallets. An upper shelf shields your SSD with unwavering resolve.

The front panel flaunts a Bitcoin logo cable-management hole, paired with a rear cable hole to channel HDMI and Ethernet with finesse. The eye-hole is home to a menacing Red LED light, sparking images of ‘laser eyes’.

The base brandishes a quote from the iconic sci-fi novel ‘#DUNE’, a war cry to Bitcoin protectors, battling fear to fortify the Bitcoin network. This genius node case is delivered in 5 interlocking pieces, epitomizing the strength in unity. Stand tall, mine fearlessly.


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